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Company History


Incorporated on the 13th of October, 1993, M/S Mico Glass Industries Ltd, is a world-class provider of toughened curve, reflective and flat glasses. They use cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology to fuel their growth and ensure consistency in customer deliverables. At the heart of the firm lies a philosophy of hard work and impeccable attention to detail when it comes to manufacturing and design. With a stellar track record, the firm has earnt a stellar reputation as a one-of-a-kind business in its domain! Its commitment to quality and dedicated service is unparalleled throughout the industry.

Product Overview

Mico Glass manufactures glasses used in leading applications for post-modern high-rise architecture, office decor, vehicles, Industrial setups, steamships, railway carriages, Televisions, projectors, solar systems, locomotives, boilers, and scientific equipment. Their product specializations extend to glass sheets, reinforced to withstand high-pressure and intense applications and heavy vibrations.

Directors and Key Promoters

Shri Daljeet Singh and Mr Q.A. Qazmi are the directors and promoters of the firm. They're energetic and experienced in this domain of work and have visionary ideals moving forward with the firm and its long-term goals. Their portfolio of exemplary landmarks, in their personal industrial and business careers, reflects a passion for innovation and quality that gets translated into Mico Glass as well. The key ideas and ideologies of both directors resonate with industry best-practices and their focus on honesty, consistency, and tremendous labour efforts, led them to achieve astounding feats in the aluminium industry where they began first during the recession of 1994-98. They created hallmark standards and businesses for success!

Company Marketing Strategy

The company takes on a personalised marketing approach via local outsourcing. It seeks to reach the deepest pockets of the market via partnering up with the vibrant ecosystem of local sellers and dealers to create adequate community engagement.

With a persistent focus on quality,Mico Glass will not settle for anything beneath the best. That's why the company recently has engaged in the procurement of its plant from the top industrial plant manufacturers in India. The company seeks to reduce waste and build a sustainable business to achieve the vision of high-quality products at affordable prices by leveraging sustainability and creating a positive impact on the surrounding community and industry.

Mission Statement

Using world-class technology to design, adapt, and deliver glass product solutions of exceptional quality and calibre, envisaged through an ideology of transparency.